Rob Sims brought in the beauty and sexual side of things to the fitness modeling industry. He did this by bringing in make-up artists, and getting the models to do the sexy, playful poses that you see today. Fitness is more of a niche, where you are looking for the hardest body, the softest pretty face, an amazing personality, or as Bob Kennedy (owner of Muscle Mag and several others) taught him many years ago, PIZZAZ. A girl like that is worth a fortune! Fashion personalities are usually lacking, and they are here to sell a product, where as fitness models are here to sell themselves. Think you've got what it takes? Want to be a big fish in a small pond? Call and book your test shoot with Rob Sims today!

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  Randi Morgan,
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  Rob Sims Photography 
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Read what Rob's Clients are saying:

Working with Rob Sims was an absolutely amazing experience! I haven't modeled much at all, but I have worked a little with photographers around the Salt Lake Valley and there really is no comparison. Rob puts his whole heart and expertise into his work and you can see it in his photos. The entire shoot was such an incredible experience, and Rob made me feel comfortable enough to open up and express myself artistically as a new fitness model. The greatest part about his work is that it is all in camera editing only (No Photoshop or any other graphic editing programs are used). He knows the business very well and guides you every step of the way. I am so thankful to have met and worked with Rob Sims, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity ! ~Nicole Blanco-NPC Figure Champion