Got sex appeal and a hard body? Wanna show it off to the world? Rob Sims is the man who can make it happen if you've got what it takes to compete in today's fitness modeling industry. Lingerie is yet another avenue in fitness modeling where you can shine for all the world to see. It’s intimate, sexy, and daring! When a woman changes into lingerie she enters into a new dimension. A woman who feels comfortable in her own skin radiates confidence, and that is a major turn on to the male masses. Make that fantasy come true with just a simple phone call to schedule your test shoot with Rob Sims today!

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Read what Rob's Clients are saying:

I am so impressed with Rob Sims and the work that he has done for me! If I could post all of my pictures, I would, just for proof that he is by far THE BEST! He has told me since day one, I am in charge of my own success. If I want this bad enough, go out and get it. NO excuses...He has been the starting point to help get me on the path of success. I plan on working with Rob many, many times. He has been like a coach to me, as well. I've had a million questions and he's given a million answers... and is so kind and patient with me... You will be seeing a lot of me!!! :) I would definitely take this opportunity of a lifetime with Rob, if i were you!!! I would again and again!!! ~Katie Macintosh-Figure Competitor"