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World famous magazine photographer, Rob Sims, is now accepting bookings for test shoots for upcoming models. Wonder what you may gain from a shoot with Rob Sims? First of all, he is the most published photographer in the fitness industry. He has over 40,000 tear sheets and averages 20 to 30 covers a year. If you make the cut, a shoot with Rob Sims is guaranteed exposure not only in fitness magazines but tv shows such as Mav TV Bikini Allstars. It's not just about exposure either, Rob Sims is a pioneer in the fitness industry. In fact, he's one of the men responsible for creating the softer, sexier side of the fitness modeling by adding make up artists, more sensual poses, and hotter swimwear to the scene. Point in case, he know what's up. In a test shoot with Rob, he will critique your current portfolio and let you know what changes MUST be made in order for you to take your modeling career to the next level. He is a master at aiding models with a solid business plan that will create the steps to get them there.

Having launched the careers of thousands of models, your test shoot with Rob Sims will give you the much needed direction and guidance that is unattainable through any other photographer in the industry. Start making a change in your career by calling Randi at 901-569-1067 and schedule your test shoot today!

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Read what Rob's Clients are saying:

I have had so many photographers take my pictures, but I never realized how beautiful I can look until working with Rob Sims. There is nothing better than looking much younger at the age of 48, and I was shocked to see myself look so beautiful and young. What more would a women want. The kick was they weren't even edited. WOW!!! I did three shoots with him, and all of them were fun and exciting. I was very impressed with Rob's professionalism and that he followed through with everything he promised me. If you have the opportunity to work with Rob Sims, you need to take it!!! ~Sandy Hancock-Body By Sandy"

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Many models have found success by shooting exclusively with Rob Sims such as Torrie Wilson, Rachel Moore, Moca Lee, Danielle Edwards, Sarah Orbanic, Tanya Merryman, Tina Rigdon, Tonya Elliott, and Christina Linehan. Often models take on bad habits from shooting with amateur photographers, due to this Sims prefers to shoot with models new to the industry, but this isn't a necessity. Whether you are new to the scene or have been around the block as a model, Rob Sims will be asking you a few questions such as "What are you going to do with a portfolio?", "Who is ever going to pay you?", "Why do you want to go into the business?", and "How are you going to get there?". Most models can't answer any question correctly because they have no idea what they're doing. Why would anyone get into a business and stay for years, and not know the answers to any of these simple basic questions? Rob Sims shot a model who had been in the business for 6 years, and didn’t know the answers to any of these questions. She'd never been published, and never made a penny. Does being told your beautiful put food in your stomach and pay your mortgage? Would you go to a doctor who doesn't have an office and never graduated from medical school? Would you work with a lawyer who wasn't established and never passed the bar exam? Why would you shoot with a photographer whose never been published and never made a penny with their work and expect that they're going to take you somewhere? If modeling is your dream it's time to get serious. Book your test shoot with Rob Sims today!
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